Thursday, January 30, 2014

We will connect with Denver this Saturday. Also, It's Time for Introductions. And Here's our Session Board!

Five EdCamps will be taking place around the country this Saturday and we will be connecting with EdCamp Denver through Google Hangouts. One of their sessions will be streaming in the Lecture Hall and one of our sessions will be streaming in Denver. Both locations will also be able to interact and contribute to each other's learning. We will also be sharing links to those Hangouts publicly, so anyone who can't make it can check it out from home.

The votes have been compiled and here is our session board based on the recommendations in the Google+ community and some that were emailed to me:

There will also be informal connections in the cafeteria through a separate Hangout where attendees from both states can connect and learn how to use Hangouts together.

Our final announcement today is to take a few minutes to introduce yourself in the form linked here: 

We will have one final announcement tomorrow and spread the word, there are plenty of spots left. The day will last from 8:30-12:15ish. Sorry, no breakfast. But we will have coffee.

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